Frosted Glass Vinyl

One of the most effective ways of decorating your workplace is by using a frosted vinyl finish. The frosted vinyl creates privacy as well as a classy, sophisticated appearance.

For that subtle look, Etch vinyl letters and designs can be used on almost any surface; they look especially nice on windows and really make a difference to the appearance of your business. Nothing looks nicer and more professional than glass frosting with a delicate touch of pizzazz.


Additional Information

What is Frosted Glass Vinyl?

Etch material is a frosted or dusted vinyl; this means that the frosted vinyl surface is semi-transparent to light but not see-through, creating a tint effect, but with a much nicer, classy finish.

Examples of where you might use Frosted Glass Vinyl:

  • Apply your business logo on glass doors of an entrance way, always provides information with subtlety
  • Sharing an office? Cover the windows with frosted etch vinyl, it doesn’t block out all the light, but provides privacy. Etch vinyl is completely non see-through
  • Small additions to shop fronts look especially nice in etch vinyl, such as shop trading hours
  • Add frosted vinyl as a window tint. This looks a lot nicer than traditional tint and is less expensive than frosted glass
  • Frosted etch vinyl has a sparkled, silver effect, so for anything requiring a classy look; frosted, etch vinyl is perfect


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